Westfield is a long way from the Shore, but one space on North Avenue keeps reeling in seafood lovers. First it was Blue Water, then Blue Wave. Now it's Limani, the Greek word for port, which is serving a menu primarily devoted to denizens of the deep. (…) It is among the main courses that the artistry of chef Joseph Mattos really shines, however. His credits include a sous chef stint at Rockefeller Center's Sea Grill, and an education at the New York Restaurant School.(…) New Zealand lamb chops are as nicely char-grilled as the shrimp. All meat/fowl dishes can be paired with a 6-ounce Brazilian lobster tail for a surf and turf. Desserts include one Greek favorite, galaktobouriko, phyllo-wrapped custard, far lighter than the better-known baklava.(…) The service was intelligent and the cuisine is delightful. If you have a yearning for seafood, this is a safe harbor. - The Star Ledger

I enjoyed a very pleasing dinner at this seafood oasis in Westfield. The owner George Vastardis is from the beautiful coastal city of Piraeus and brings all the delights of the Mediterranean to his restaurant here in New Jersey.(…) Serving great food in volume is a challenge that some of the best restaurants fail. For this event, George's kitchen and wait staff performed beautifully. I entered Limani which has tables and a glass case for their retail fish business in the front and was quickly ushered back to the beautifully designed dining room by the efficient staff. (…) George and his chef Joseph Mattos were intent on presenting the full play of their creative cuisine, these two appetizers showed this well. I never order squid, not a favorite of mine but this was delicious. The gently firm texture of the squid against the softy fluffiness of the rice and raisins melts in the mouth. Saganaki and shrimp with tomatoes is a favorite that I often order and this was one of the best. Throughout the meal the ingredients were very fresh and high quality. (…) Head to Limani in Westfield. - Mano A Vino